Imagine graceful, luminescent curves or bold angular shapes. Anything can be accomplished with fabrics. There is no limit to a structure's social utility and the medium's grace. Ocean Sails combines imagination and technology to create design solutions for the future for residential and commercial awnings.

Recent Clients & Projects

·•    Sail Shade Awnings 4th Floor Bank of NT Butterfield  
•    Shade sails for the Aquarium Playground
•    Goslings Moet & Chandon Screen for the Americas Cup Village Champagne Stall
•    Shade Awnings for St. George’s Prep School
•    Pergola covers for the Reefs
•    Large Heavy Duty Pergola Cover at the Ace Building (now Chubb)
•    Shade Structure for Aires Nursery Playground

Residential Awnings

Stylish yet practical, today's awnings extend a living space. Awnings can be traditional or innovative, and can transform a home into an artistic masterpiece

Awnings that cover decks and patios create an environment that allows people to enjoy outdoor activities while avoiding excessive exposure to the elements.Awnings that shade windows can cool an interior of a home or business by about 20 degrees. 

Commercial Awnings

Today's commercial awnings are designed to meet specific objectives: identity, image and of course, protection from the elements.

Awnings provide a significant first impression. They are a unique way to attract customers and enrich a business. Creating a sense of excitement and festivity, awnings give a business round-the-clock visibility.


Create a new look for your home or office.